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BESHALVA - The Orthodox Investment Fund
focused in the Israel Business Sector

BESHALVA Investment Fund was founded in 2007 by the orthodox businessman, Yosef Baumgarten. In its first year, BESHALVA has already raised 5 million dollars and its investments and partnerships have already begun seeing returns thanks to successful partnerships with leading entrepreneurs and members of Israel's finance community.

The fund specializes in four different types of investments: well-established or new business, start-up companies with a guaranteed return, high-risk start-up companies and others. From the very first day, BESHALVA has been run based on Baumgarten's motto: "From a business perspective, we have no problem doing business with anyone who is upright, no matter what his nationality or race is."

BESHALVA provides solutions and initiatives all private clients and companies to grow and expand their investments and therefore their profits, by advising across a wide spectrum of opportunities.

Last year, BESHALVA enlarged its scope to provide a special department dedicated to investors with limited funds, utilizing the syndicated method to increase market shares. Baumgarten emphasizes that to increase profits through this method, one needs a stronger than usual financial set-up. Thus the preconditions to invest in such a manner are dependent on the current market strength, the capital return, experience in the field, and so on.

Additionally, BESHALVA offers both individuals and institutional investors unique investment opportunities in a wide range of business. Some of these businesses offer a quick exit while others will see their value increase over time.

The offices of BESHALVA are located in Jerusalem, and are considered the exclusive orthodox investment and money-management fund in Israel. In the past few years, the fund has invested millions of dollars in various businesses both in Israel and around the world, in the field of manufacturing, real estate and commercial businesses. Different than other funds where client invests in the fund without having a say where the money will be spent, BESHALVA's money managers work closely with their client choosing the companies and entrepreneurs that interest them.

Founder and owner of BESHALVA, Yosef Baumgarten, was born in London, and moved to Israel when he was 18 years old. Today he lives in Jerusalem with his wife and seven children. Baumgarten formerly managed the maintenance of the Belz Central Complex in Jerusalem, and even wrote a weekly column on Household Finance in the newspaper, "HaModia".

In his first years working in the business, Baumgarten focused on helping companies reduce their debts as well as organizing their investment portfolio. Baumgarten is one of the founders of a non-profit organization to help families deal with the medical debts.

From the initial stages of BESHALVA Investment Fund, Baumgarten employed the services of "Ofer Ceitrit - Public Relations, Management, Consultations" who work nationally and internationally with media communications.

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